Daughter Thousand Islands Jakarta Indonesia

Island that elegant appeal which is one of the island with a thousand beauty. Island Princess is one room tourist islands in the archipelago of thousands of North Jakarta area of 8 hectares located that stratergis where there are many islands – a tiny island in the Thousand Islands who also space co sea or coral reefs that make the island princess can rush by travelers which is a room space for a vacation to reach the location can travel from the mainland jakarta Ancol Marina with using water vehicles (boats speeboat) ship immediately with while traveling 90 minutes, the atmosphere will charm not deny to each end of the week, the island’s daughter constantly flooded will end.


Media Princess Island in the Thousand Islands Jakarta

Various tools that you can find time to take advantage of travel agents, tour travel to P. daughter very complete. You can enjoy a comfortable and friendly service plus a tour guide who ori of the people there. Following the many media that you will find time to vacation with family and friends, your best friend:


Dock Island Princess: wood joints that hold the can of water is added with concrete as a buffer space entry and berthing of vessels not only that there are no stairs to the curved ocean for travelers who want bersnorkling and also in the dock are fasilis water Sprot such as banana boat, sofa boat, canoe
Uderwater tunnel Aquarium: I do not want the island – the island of a thousand islands you get not only the island’s daughter thousand islands of the kennel or similar tunnel that position under the surface of the sea at a depth of five meters along the length of the tunnel 15 meters that aspect – is precisely lined by glass invisibility travelers can see coral reefs and beautiful fish that Kapil soon be seen not to be berbasah – basahan
Front office: room entry and come out in a thorough or careful out that 24-hour standby for rescue and About newspaper while on the island princess
Glass Boat Buttom: the ship that location under glass therapist for travelers who want to see the valley below the sea with 15 push boats is that all operating hours from 07: 00 pm s / d 12: 00 pm
Meting room: the Class Room with a capacity of 150 participants who completed the offering media conditining, white board, projector, any other Winter
Restaurant: center program breakfast, lunch and even dinner at midnight to accommodate the number of participants of 150 people with a way to buffet kelilng Lestor a tank that contains fish -kan sea water with various categories in which kengakapi with scenes with 4 times the size of 10 meters apart the bars are casting a wide range of drinks in Peru that when the lid Lestor
For other media are tennis cort, the media water sports like canoeing, banana boat, water bike and dive shop
Pol swiming pool that consists of a pool for adults and there – children separated from deep water
Sunset Cruise: I have only just at the end of the week (weekend) using boats around the island in the afternoon HRI daughter together over time to 20 minutes and usually you for that vacation to the island’s daughter was also included in the package include tours


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